Different kinds of car wax and information about spray car wax

One of the things that have to be done to your car to maintain it is to wax it on a regular basis. There are many different kinds of car wax for you to choose for use on your car to get that shine you were looking for.

The liquid car wax is great for cleaning, durability and gloss. However they are a bit difficult to apply evenly, and for buffing out. This wax usually dries to a haze within a minute depending on the sunlight, wind and the amount of wax used.

Spray car wax is a better choice for new cars

Paste wax is easy to apply; but its results are not as good as liquids. Moreover it is rather difficult to remove from the container when you reach the end of the tin. This wax dries to a haze in 30 seconds.

It is better to use spray waxes on new cars having excellent finishes as the new paint in these cars are shiny and should not be oxidized. It is also the better choice if you are looking for wax that is convenient and is suitable for spot waxing. However they are the worst choice for durability and are not advised for cleaning purposes.

Polymer car polish is sometimes better than car wax

Some people prefer using a polymer car polish instead of a car wax. This is because though carnauba car wax provides a deep and wet looking shine, it does not provide any protection from the harsh environment.

However car polish is easy to apply as it requires less effort lasts longer and gives you that new car look with only one coat. It has to be applied just as you would apply car wax, and allowed to dry. Its buffing has to be done with a micro fiber towel which gives a smoother finish.

There are many brands of car wax for you to choose from for your car like Pinnacle Souveran. Another famous car wax brand is Turtle Wax which makes your car look like brand new after waxing.

Some car waxing tips to keep your car shining

It is the pride of all car owners to have their car looking spic and span, and shining all the time. This can be made possible with the right maintenance of the car, which is not only the washing of the car, but also its regular waxing.

Here are some tips that have to be followed to ensure that you get the best shine from your car wax:

  1. Make sure that the car is washed, and dried before waxing. If wet, you will not get the desired shine.
  2. Choose your car wax wisely; if in doubt ask the car dealer which car wax is the best for your car. This is because some car waxes have abrasives that can damage the coat and lacquer finish of the car. Some car waxes are also harmful to dark colored cars; so it is always safer to use a non-abrasive wax on the car.
  3. It is important that you wax the car when it is not too hot or cold; so wax with the car parked in a cool and shady spot. If this is not possible, wax a part of the car at a time so that the wax doesn’t get baked to the car.
  4. All this done, you have to dip a damp wax sponge into the car wax and rub it on the car in small circles. If any wax gets lodged in seams and jambs, remove it with an old and soft toothbrush.
  5. It is always better to work at different parts of the car at a time and cover the car’s surface. On completion, it will be time to remove the wax.
  6. This has to be done with the help of soft terry towels or cloth diapers which are used to wipe off wax in the same order you had applied it.
  7. To avoid wax buildup and streaking on the car, you have to shake this towel or diaper as you work.
  8. After this, lean on the car’s surface to look down its sides, front and back to check if there is any residual wax. Then polish the entire car using a cheesecloth or cloth diaper.
  9. When washing your used towels, pads and cloths, wash them with liquid fabric softener so that they remain soft. This prevents them from scratching the car the next time they are used for waxing the car.

Stand back, admire your waxed car and praise yourself for a job well done!

Difference between car wax and polish

What is the difference between car wax and polish? Is it the same thing? No!

Generally speaking polishing means using abrasives taking a very thin layer of the paint away. This is the step in the car care process that should create most of the shine effect. Car wax on the other hand is used to protect the shine from the environment and surrounding elements. So really, an authentic car wax should contain 0 % abrasives. Car wax shall protect and enhance that shine created by polish!

However, it’s not that simple with the car products of today. Some none abrasives are labeled polish and some waxes actually contain abrasives as well.
Some car paint products are combination products, i.e. claims to polish and wax in a one step process. This saves time and often gives a decent results.

But for serious car paint protection, polishing first and then waxing separately is the way to go! Since you probably are spending some time on your car, naturally, you should only use high quality paint protection products. Products that give that long lasting shine!

Car paint polish

Paint polish can really make a car look good. Waxing makes it look good for a while, but it is polishing that really makes the difference If you’re looking for that glossy finish, then car polishing is it!

Choosing paint polish

Car paint polishChoosing the suitable polish for your car can be cumbersome, taking into account the massive amount of products such as; scratch removers, cleaners, rubbing, swirl removers etc. The secret is to choose a polishing strength suitable for your car. If you own an old car, chances are you need a quite strong polishing effect. If you own a rather new car, then a mild polish might be the right choice for you. Never choose a polishing product that is stronger than needed. If unsure what carpaint polish to choose, consult the store personnel, they are usually glad to guide you. Be very careful if using rubbing, since it will reduce your paint thickness quite rapidly. If your paintwork has any swirl marks, there are specific polishing formulas designated to this job. If unsure it can be noted that, people generally polishes their car using a mild polishing first to see if the result is shiny enough.

Car paint protection, an introduction

Car paint protection extends the life of your cars’ paintwork. Car sealants help by protecting from things harmful to paintwork, such as road salt, sun, rain, acid rain, etching, and many other harmful things. It’s common sense to apply a paint sealant, considering that the new cars are of good mechanical quality and the service intervals have been extended. The value of a car is in many cases judged on cosmetic appearance. Protecting your paintwork is protecting your investment! Auto paint sealants are a most effective way of maintaining the value of your car.