Car paint polish

Paint polish can really make a car look good. Waxing makes it look good for a while, but it is polishing that really makes the difference If you’re looking for that glossy finish, then car polishing is it!

Choosing paint polish

Car paint polishChoosing the suitable polish for your car can be cumbersome, taking into account the massive amount of products such as; scratch removers, cleaners, rubbing, swirl removers etc. The secret is to choose a polishing strength suitable for your car. If you own an old car, chances are you need a quite strong polishing effect. If you own a rather new car, then a mild polish might be the right choice for you. Never choose a polishing product that is stronger than needed. If unsure what carpaint polish to choose, consult the store personnel, they are usually glad to guide you. Be very careful if using rubbing, since it will reduce your paint thickness quite rapidly. If your paintwork has any swirl marks, there are specific polishing formulas designated to this job. If unsure it can be noted that, people generally polishes their car using a mild polishing first to see if the result is shiny enough.

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