Different kinds of car wax and information about spray car wax

One of the things that have to be done to your car to maintain it is to wax it on a regular basis. There are many different kinds of car wax for you to choose for use on your car to get that shine you were looking for.

The liquid car wax is great for cleaning, durability and gloss. However they are a bit difficult to apply evenly, and for buffing out. This wax usually dries to a haze within a minute depending on the sunlight, wind and the amount of wax used.

Spray car wax is a better choice for new cars

Paste wax is easy to apply; but its results are not as good as liquids. Moreover it is rather difficult to remove from the container when you reach the end of the tin. This wax dries to a haze in 30 seconds.

It is better to use spray waxes on new cars having excellent finishes as the new paint in these cars are shiny and should not be oxidized. It is also the better choice if you are looking for wax that is convenient and is suitable for spot waxing. However they are the worst choice for durability and are not advised for cleaning purposes.

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